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Jun 15 2013, 03:44 AM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 500px; height: 1000px; overflow: auto; background-image: url(; -moz-border-radius: 40px 40px 40px 40px; border-radius: 40px 40px 40px 40px;"><br><br>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000">OPEN FOR BUSINESS<br><br>
THE SPHINX CASINO<br><br></center>
<center><img src=""></center>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000">EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF ANCIENT EGYPT<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000">The Sphinx Hotel and Casino brings a taste of the old world to the New Vegas Strip. Join us for a mystical experience as you play Blackjack with the ancient kings of the past, dine on gourmet dishes alongside Egypt's last great pharaoh, and spend the night in our luxury suites that are sure to make you feel like a Son of Ra.<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000">NOW HIRING!<br><br>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000">The Sphinx is looking to fill the following positions:<br>

<center><div style="width: 300px; text-align:center; color: 000000"><br>- CROUPIERS -<br>
- WAIT STAFF -<br>
- CASHIERS -<br><br>

All interested parties are encouraged to apply within.
Jan 30 2013, 12:39 AM

<div id="ppcontainer">

<div id="ppinner">
<div id="ppheader" style="width: 350px;margin-left: -20px;font-size: 20px;"> Vaults, Raiders & Gangbangers </div>

<div id="ppcontent">
Now we all know there are already all sorts of gangs, vault dwellers and Raiders that call the wasteland home. But what if you want to make your own? Well, if that's something that tickles your fancy you're certainly welcome. But one is lonely, two is company, and three is a crowd.
If you and <b>three</b> people can get together and play nice you can make yourself a bit of a formidable force if you so fancy. We just require that you get together, fill out the below form, and wait for moderator approval. Any revisions your mod team feels is necessary to said application will be discussed via PM.<bR><br>

Just fill the following on out and reply to this here thread:
<b>Name:</b> (Gang Name or Vault Number)<br>
<b>Characters Involved:</b> (Pretty self-explanatory)<br>
<b>Goals:</b> (The unifying reason the gang is together or the social experiment that Vault-Tech yoked on you.)<br>
<b>Territory:</b> (Capital Wasteland or Mojave Wasteland)<br><br>

Don't want to make your own? Never fret, Mr. New Vegas would never leave you for want, because of course you can join an existing gang or vault from the wastelands. Mind you, Mojave Wasteland has more named Gangs and Raiders, while Capital Wasteland has more Vaults to their name.
<b>Gangs and Raiders: <a href="">HERE</a>
<b>List of Vaults<b/>: <a href=>HERE</a>



Jan 28 2013, 01:51 AM
<style type="text/css">
#ppcontent img {
height: 100px;
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#ppdesc {
display: block;
height: 120px;

<div id="ppcontainer">

<div id="ppinner">
<div id="ppheader"> Karma </div>

<div id="ppcontent">
So you might be wondering where you stand... which is probably good, since how you act is going to give you a reputation, and that reputation is going to effect how people treat you around the wastelands. You got three options, but never fret, because remember; people change and so do people's view of you...

That can be a good thing, or bad thing, so keep this in mind while you hit the dusty trail.

<h1>Guardian of the<br><br>
Wastes (GOOD)</h1>
<div id="ppdesc">
<img src="" align="left">
Well way to go, you're a pinnacle of morality here in the wastelands, one of the last few white hats in this deserted hell. You protect the people, you do good deeds, people think highly of you and they treat you like a hero. Well most people, so watch your back...


<h1>Renegade of the<br><br>
Wastes (NEUTRAL)</h1>
<div id="ppdesc">
<img src="" align="right">
There ain't nothing wrong with being a regular Joe or Jane, you aren't good, you aren't bad, you just... are. You're just like anyone trying to make it out there in the world, the only thing that heroes do is die after all, and being the villain ain't no different...


<h1>Scourge of the <br><br>Wastes</h1>
<div id="ppdesc">
<img src="" align="left">
Seems you are some sort of magnificent bastard. Why not? There is only you looking out for yourself out there, so scew everyone else. Who ever did you any favors? Take what you want and do what you please, you're a black hat on the horizon, and people speak of you like a grim omen. Better to be feared than loved after all.



Jan 27 2013, 11:13 PM

<div id="ppcontainer">

<div id="ppinner">
<div id="ppheader"> The Cold, Hard Truth </div>

<div id="ppcontent">
Jobs in the wasteland might not be the easiest to come up with, but for some groups like Ghouls and Wastelanders, you need to think about what they do to make their caps or get by in this world. While your local Brotherhood of Steel or NCR is probably a simple soldier or a Raider might just take what they want, the sky is really the limit for what your common Fallout civilian might do.
So here's a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, mind you these are just suggestions and we welcome any and all professions around here to keep things long as they fit within the setting.

The land might be unforgiving, but many work the soil to get by. Some might raise Brahmins or Bighorners, others might grow crops... either way it's hard honest work that most tend to look aside at, but many farmers do well selling their excess to traders or shops when they have their own hoard. It takes some Medicine to keep animals alive, and Survival to grow a crop in such inhospitable locales.

Some folks make the land provide for them, they hunt the local fauna for their meat and they patrol the local flora for roots, nuts and other things they need. This is definitely a difficult life to live, and one that couldn't be done without a fair amount of Survival, Stealth or some sort of weaponry skills...

These are the sort of nomadic denizens that also live off the land, but they don't go for twigs and berries or radroach meat, they patrol the wastelands looking for abandoned goods and scrap metal to sell to willing parties for their caps. Most of them have good Science or Repair, because you have to know what you're looking at to see any worth in rusted junk. Stealth wouldn't hurt either, you nasty little trespasser.

Well, everyone has a price. Mercenaries work for the highest bidder when they need a little extra man power in a fight. Be it a strong arm or a hired gun there is always somebody who needs somebody dead, and that person usually needs a body guard. That said, you best have the Skills to pay the bills or your benefactor is gonna be cross indeed.

One travels from settlement to settlement, the other keeps shop somewhere or the other. But either way their job is commerce and they sell the goods that keep people alive in this society. Sometimes they deal in caps, sometimes they take exchanges; after all the economy is nonexistent now, so whatever gets you what you want. Best keep your Barter skills high or you'll find yourself with barely but the shirt on your back.

<h1>Apothecary/Chem<br><br> Dealer</h1>
Well, you know there are junkies all over the place. There is a fine line between good poisons and bad ones, but while the apothecary sells poisons and potions that are natural, the chem dealer sells the same...only synthetic. Either way, it's good for returning business because both have an addictive quality to them. Just don't test the merchandise if you want to stay clean yourself. Either Survival or Science (pick your poison) are the chosen skills for this profession.

Well..they call it the world's oldest profession for a reason. Everyone needs a little love from time to time, but keep in mind that it's not the longest term job when you really think about it. Might I suggest Medicine or a means of protecting yourself if a John gets rowdy?

<h1>Bartender/Casino<br><br> Clerk</h1>
Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got, taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot... that's where you come in. You are the type of wastelander who knows that people don't just come in for a drink or a game of Caravan, but also to forget about life for a while. Sure you might need to know about mixing a cocktail, but really you might want to put skills in Speech to keep things lively. Just remember, bar brawls are common occurrences with Raiders about.

In this day and age, people get hurt. A lot. Sucks for them, but it's good business for you. Might I suggest taking Medicine? Maybe some Science or Survival, depending on what sort of physician you're fixin' to be.

Who knows what you study...people or robots... maybe even our blasted out Earth. This one is a wide range, but it gives you plenty to do. Science, Medicine, Survival, Repair...go nuts, but remember moderation is the key to success.



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