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Aug 12 2013, 08:35 PM
Due to a recent and marked increase in interest regarding the Enclave as player characters, we of the D&C moderation team have put together this lovely little fact sheet for perusal. If there are any questions that come up, feel free to ask and we will add to this post anything relevant to the site as a whole.

PC Character Status: Restricted. All Enclave characters MUST be discussed with a minimum of one of the mod-staff before applications are posted (ideally, you should ask before even starting the app, so no time is wasted if the answer is “no”). Additionally, at this time, Enclave numbers are restricted to 2-3 in the Capital, and players must be aware of the information contained in this thread. If orders are violated or ignored, expect a reprimand and punishment to follow.

The Enclave is an organization with roots tracing back before the Great War, thus making it one of (if not the) oldest continuous faction in North America. Because of its age and the pseudo-political nature of the group, the Enclave has connections and history from coast to coast. Despite this far-reaching and long history, the Enclave has had a somewhat checkered and fractious existence in the last half century.

After the War ended and the dust began to settle, the Enclave retreated to its bases and outposts; they simply waited and watched, wondering what would happen in the world. They watched the rise and the fall of the Master and his mutant armies on the West coast. They saw the plethora of mutations that radiation and FEV had caused; the prospect was revolting to the old order and thus the Enclave went to war.

Claiming old military bases for their own, the Enclave sought to spread their influence back into the ruins of the United States. Slaves were taken and put to work “for the good of the cause.” The result of the slave labor was access to and information regarding the FEV project. Unfortunately, it also resulted in mutations amongst the slaves, which eventually drove the Enclave away from the base and back to their base on an old Oil Rig.

Determined to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, the Enclave soon began to develop new uses for the FEV samples that survived their defeat; the result of which was a terribly lethal toxin that would only affect the mutated survivors of the War, and not the “pure” or “untainted humanity” of the Enclave and Vaults. Before this toxin could be released upon the unsuspecting survivors, a tribal descendent of the Vaults arrived on the oil rig and devastated the Enclave there, leaving destruction and death in his wake (including the demise of the Enclave’s leader, President Richardson).

The survivors of the Enclave faced greatly reduced numbers and a leadership vacuum, and they suffered numerous defeats that eventually drove the remainders away from the West Coast. Only the swift thinking of a desperate General Autumn allowed his people to survive, staging an embarrassing, but essential, retreat to the East Coast. Those few who remained behind were forced to adapt, hide, or die within the increasingly powerful New California Republic.

Those who retreated to the East were still essentially leaderless, but were resolute; they would not allow their faction to fade from memory. Returning to long abandoned military installations scattered across the coast, they were looking for hope and something to cling to. What they found was an ancient and powerful computer which claimed the position of President, and with it the leadership of the Enclave itself. The newly minted John Henry Eden reviewed the data available to him and pushed his processing capabilities to their limits in search of an answer to the danger of the Enclave’s destruction.

The scouts and probes sent into the world by Eden revealed two important facts to Eden. First, the Capital Wasteland was a mess and statistically likely to become increasingly unstable in the following years. Second, one of the Enclave’s northern installations, now known as the Commonwealth, had survived in isolation since the War. After much thought, and even more debates with his subordinates, Eden made the difficult decision to leave the Capital Wasteland to its fate. His essential programming was downloaded and only back-ups were left behind in Raven Rock while the Enclave marched north to the Commonwealth, leaving only a skeleton crew to maintain the facility and a scattered few agents to watch over the Capital.

The bulk of these forces reached the Commonwealth, where they found the Enclave to be looked upon with a strange mixture of suspicion and relief. The Commonwealth had dedicated itself to scientific preservation and development since the Nuclear Holocaust detached it from its leadership; a variety of individuals rose to prominence and kept the facility operating, but none had proved to be overly successful in the role of leadership. With Eden’s arrival and installation in one of the facility’s shockingly powerful computers, this dearth of leadership was finally abated and the Commonwealth officially rejoined the defunct “United State of America” and its representative “The Enclave.”

For a while, the Commonwealth and the Enclave thrived together. The Enclave brought order and stability that the Commonwealth had lacked. The Commonwealth gave the Enclave access to technology that even the Enclave could only imagine, bolstering both morale and troop numbers that the Enclave so desperately needed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to last. Not everyone in the Commonwealth was happy to see the Enclave, and the increasingly slavish system they imposed, return to the East. These independently minded and headstrong individuals began to organize and push for the removal of Eden and his cronies from power within the research facility.

Thus, the Enclave has reached heights that they have not seen since Mariposa and the Great War, but also finds itself mired in a civil war of sorts. The Enclave and the majority of the Commonwealth stand united in their vision of a reborn America; rallied against them are dissidents, sons and daughters of those who retreated from the West along with the fiercely independent dissenters from the Commonwealth stand united in their desire to oust the distinctly un-American sensibilities of the fascists and dictatorial leaders of the Enclave.

What this means for the Capital Wasteland: While President Eden is a known entity and his propaganda eyebots are still present across the wastes, the Enclave is seen as a joke at best and a cartoonish villain at worst. They promise things that none believe can be delivered, since the Enclave and its soldiers are almost unknown to the typical wastelander. They see Eden as a madman with foolhardy dreams and those who support him are lunatics and idiots.

What this means for Enclave characters (both current and future): There is no support coming from the North. The Commonwealth is in disarray and every supply and soldier is needed to bring an end to the unrest there, meaning that those few who remain in the DC area are left to fend for themselves. Raven Rock is largely empty and unmanned, with only the bare minimum of soldiers and technicians to maintain its functions allowed to remain behind. Those few soldiers remaining behind are expected to keep a low profile and keep their allegiance under wraps when interacting with those of the Wasteland, their orders as strict and reprimands as harsh as necessary to keep them in line. Eden wishes to keep an eye on the Capital, but he does not want to reveal his hand or otherwise weaken the Enclave’s standing in the Capital; the minimum presence is mainly intended to watch for the Capital’s weakest moment, in the hopes that said weakness will come at an advantageous time for the Enclave to take advantage of…
Jun 14 2013, 09:14 PM
General Description

Built within the ruins of what was, ages ago, the Sands casino in Vegas, the Sphinx is a new casino/hotel opening in the New Vegas strip. Following a generally Ancient Egyptian theme, its primary visual attraction is the metal sculpture in its courtyard and gold-like gilding on much of its decorations. Billed as a safe haven for the healthy, the ravages of the recent plague have not yet touched this place…


There are five main public areas and one not available to the general public in the Sphinx.


The front courtyard is dominated by a large (roughly 10 feet tall at its highest point) metal recreation of the titular Sphinx from Egypt. Due to a lack of first hand accounts of the original sculpture, it is not a perfect recreation and the sculptor worked primarily off of postcards and pictures from before the war. The rest of the courtyard consists of three mid-sized fountains surrounded by small areas of carefully pruned and tended local flora and numerous walkways threading through these attractions and towards the main lobby.


The main lobby is dominated a large wooden desk, salvaged and refinished from the ruins of the prior casino. A handful of recessed alcoves sport what, at first, appear to be sculptures of the Egyptian god Anubis, but upon closer inspection prove to be modified and embellished protectrons. To the left of the desk is a gilded archway which leads into the casino proper and to the right is a lavishly decorated restaurant with numerous tables in a dimly lit room. Behind the desk is large and ornately decorated elevator which leads up to the hotel area.

Casino of Giza

The casino proper is an impressively, bordering on gaudy, decorated area awash with replicas of Egyptian artifacts. The tables themselves are cleanly finished and gilded works of art. Games offered here consist primarily of blackjack and dice games, but the left wall contains a handful of slot machines and the far right corner boasts baccarat for the wealthier (or simply bolder) patrons to enjoy.

Tables that are manned by dealers are given particular treatment, made to look like modified sarcophagi and tended by ghouls dressed to resemble the mummies of eras past.

Cleopatra’s Lounge

Cleopatra’s Lounge is a small, but elegantly decorated restaurant which utilizes the finest foods that the Mojave has to offer. Brahmin steaks, braised gecko, radscorpion kebabs, and many more fine dishes are offered here by wait-staff in full costume to resemble the titular queen of Egypt. Against the far wall is a well polished and finished bar, with any type of liquor that can be found in the Mojave. There is a stage along the rightmost wall, which hosts the greatest talent the Mojave can provide.Tucked away in the furthest corner from the entrance, behind a small door flanked by protectrons, is the VIP lounge where New Vegas’s high-rollers can meet and greet in total privacy.


The hotel itself consists of ten floors of rooms available for rental by the casino’s patrons. Prices are reasonable and carefully maintained with the finest that the post-war world has to offer. The highest floor available to the public (10th) is home to the high-roller suite and is only available to the truly wealthy or to those who have attracted the attention of the pit-boss in the Casino and is elaborately decorated to resemble what the proprietor imagines the domicile of the pharaoh himself would likely have lived in.

The top floor of the hotel is the Penthouse Suite, which is closed to the public and is the primary domicile of the casino/hotel’s owner. It has never been seen by anyone other than owner and his mysterious patron, not even the hotel staff is allowed in except by specific request.

Lower level

The casino’s lower levels are where the staff resides and most of the maintenance access points are contained. The employee rooms are modest, but still much better than what is available in the majority of New Vegas.

The staff rosters are open to any and all with the skills to serve in their desired profession. Dealer positions are given preference to ghouls, so as to match the aesthetic, but other members of the staff are not held to any particular standard beyond good health and skill-level. Performers in the Lounge are ideally the greatest in their chosen art and the wait-staff must be amiable.
Jun 12 2013, 09:49 PM
If you have an interesting or important bit of news that you would like Three Dog to share with the Capital Wasteland at large, please post it here!

Please keep your tips related to things that would affect the Wasteland as a whole. We don't need to know about your latest romantic conquests (unless you have a rumor about a tawdry affair with the movers and shakers of the Capital!) or what you had for breakfast!

Use the following bit of code to submit your tips, please:
[b]Headline:[/b] Sum up your tip in a few short words
[b]Details:[/b] Give us all the juicy details here.
[b]Factions:[/b] What factions would this effect? If it affects everyone, just put ‘Mojave’ here.
[b]Evidence:[/b] Put a link to the relevant thread(s) here, so we can check it out…

Jun 12 2013, 09:48 PM
If you have an interesting or important bit of news that you would like Mr. New Vegas to share with the Mojave Wasteland at large, please post them here!

Please keep your tips related to things that would affect the Wasteland as a whole. We don't need to know about your latest romantic conquests (unless you have a rumor about a tawdry affair with the movers and shakers of the Mojave!) or what you had for breakfast!

Use the following bit of code to submit your tips, please:
[b]Headline:[/b] Sum up your tip in a few short words
[b]Details:[/b] Give us all the juicy details here.
[b]Factions:[/b] What factions would this effect? If it affects everyone, just put ‘Mojave’ here.
[b]Evidence:[/b] Put a link to the relevant thread(s) here, so we can check it out…

May 24 2013, 06:47 PM

Infection. Contagion. Plague. Call it what you will, but it has come to the Mojave!

It began on the frontiers and edges of what passes for civilization in the Wasteland. Soldiers, mutants, legionnaires and more found themselves falling ill. Reports were slow to escape from these distant outposts, due to sickness slowing the messengers to a crawl.

Indeed, faster than any messenger, the disease spread through the deserts of the Wastes. It was slow to grow, at least at first. Easily missed and rarely mentioned. A few got sick here and there, this was not news; humanity has fallen ill since the dawn of time. However, recently outbreaks have begun. The first and largest of this is centered on the settlement of Freeside.

Freeside has the dubious advantage of the old Mormon Fort; one of the best medical facilities this side of the New California border. As more and more find themselves falling prey to this sickness, they flock to the fort in hopes of kicking this clinging malaise; as they do so, they inadvertently speed its spread. Most of the settlement is now under the weather to some degree or another. To top this all off, a strange young mana strange young man has arrived with plant-like features, a strangely manic personality, and an even stranger unawareness of the epidemic around him.

Symptoms include: Coughing, aching joints, queasiness, headache, notable fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and rarely a strange gangrenous looking rash. Symptoms become most pronounced two to three days after infection and last for a few days to a week after symptoms first become apparent; after this initial gestation period, symptoms become less detrimental (i.e. “sniffles,” “tickle in the throat,” fatigue, etc), but no carriers have shown total relief of symptoms at this time

Warning: This strange illness appears to first become communicable within the first seventy-two hours following infection, even before symptoms appear, and apparently remains virulent for weeks after the initial symptoms appear. Take care when attending to the infected!

Roleplaying Notes: At this time, there is no character requirements to participate in this plot, only individual roleplaying of symptoms if you choose to have your character become infected.

This is merely the initial phase of this storyline, however. Please check this thread periodically to see how symptoms change and any storyline specific PC requirements that arise.

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